The simplicity of a calculator, the power of a spreadsheet

At this time of crisis where the fiscal mismanagement of the states is pointed, set a good example by using the Androïd calculator Calc'1...

View and download the free Androïd version :

Automate your most common calculations:

Chief Executives, negotiators, artisans, merchants, managers, accountants, or individual consumers, you need calculating or simulating easy and quickly in the office or outdoor ?

Calculator or spreadsheet? You decide...

To take full advantage of the calculator, it is ESSENTIAL to watch the demo video...

This calculator is really adapted for simulating costs!

Features :

All versions :
  • Additions (Accounting)
  • Modifications of calculations
  • Adding discounts or taxes ( VAT )
  • Successive discounts
  • Automatic introduction of discounts and/or taxes
  • Rounding value of the total incl. taxes
  • Management of debit and credit
  • Management of payments with dates
  • Can enter variables with [M=] key
  • Visible in daylight
  • Currency Converter (150 currencies)
  • Share copy in PDF format
  • Offered : "Tip calculation"
  • Sending, sharing or storing calculations via email, skype, google drive (cloud) or Bluetooth

Paid version
  • Data back-up
  • Share quotations in PDF format
  • No connection required
  • No contains ADS